I’m looking for models (both amateurs and professionals) for upcoming fine art nude projects. Although no experience is necessary, models must obviously be comfortable posing nude but equally important is that they must be reliable. Considerable planning and expensive is involved in these projects, so I only work with models that I can rely on. For all non-commissioned work, the model must be willing to sign a model release.
Also, if you are a model who is interested in doing fine art nude work but want to maintain your anonymity, I’m still interested in working with you. If you review my galleries, you will see many wonderful images where the model’s face hidden from view or in shadow. This is a particular style of photography that I’m very experienced with and you can be confident working with me in this regard.
If you are interested in working with me on a project or want to discuss other opportunities, please contact me directly at:
ProjectNudes @ gmail.com (copy and remove spaces).
Thanks and best regards, Scott Cameron